2016 Teacher Training Delegation to SFSU Holds Seminar
Date: 2016-09-28
On September 22, the 2016 Teacher Training Delegation of GMU held a briefingeminar. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Jiachun Lu, the director of GMU’s International Office. The members of the 2016 teacher training delegation, senior administrators in charge of teaching affairs as well as young faculty members participated in the meeting

Five representatives of the training delegation, Xu Guibin, Li Qianqian, Wu Wancui, He Yin and Yuan Zhuqing, gave presentations on the training they received at San Francisco State University (SFSU).
Ms. Yang Hanfei, Section Chief of Guangzhou Foreign Expert Bureau, was in attendance as well. She noted that she was impressed with the organization and information-sharing of the teacher training conducted by GMU in recent years, which has helped promote faculty development considerably.

President Wang Xinhua gave a speech during the meeting, summarizing the effectiveness of the teacher training at SFSU, and putting forward suggestions to the attendees for further development: 1) implement what you have learned in your daily work; 2) educate students with passion, as well as allocate a reasonable amount of time to teaching and researching; 3) reflect on the medical education model and try to publish research articles; 4) keeping practicing English.



President Wang stressed that the higher level university construction project would endow teachers with more opportunities and resources. He hoped that they would make their contribution towards the development of a higher level university by focusing on better teaching performance and improve teaching quality.