The Reception of the Delegation from Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Date: 2016-12-30

Trevor Young, the Dean of the school of Medicine School in the University of Toronto (UT), spearheaded a delegation during a visitation to Guangzhou Medical School (GMU), on December 9, 2016.

During the visit, Xinhua Wang, the President of GMU and Jiandong Luo, the Vice President of GMU, led HuaJian Li, the Director of Dean’s Office, Jian Wang, the Director of Research of GMU and YuPing Ning, the President of Guangzhou Brain Hospital, et al. met with the delegation of Medical School of UT, discussing topics including Teachers Training, Joint Master Training, Joint Seminars Organization and Research Cooperation. “We have already formed an initial basis of cooperation with Medical School of UT, in the hope of strengthening ties and broadening cooperation in other areas; furthering the promotion of the development of medical education and scientific research” President Xinhua Wang concluded.

Academician NanshanZhong,Yimin Li, the party secretary of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU, JianXing He, the President of the First Affiliated Hospital of GMU, RongChang Chen, the director of Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease and Jiachun lu, the Director of International Office of GMU, et al. also held a friendly discussion with the delegation of UT, with emphasis on the Joint Master Training Program for the outstanding graduates in the Nanshan School.

The University of Toronto is one of the most prestigious and excellent universities in the world, holding a leading position in terms of both academia and research. Prof. Haibo Zhang from Medicine School of UT is the “ChangJiang scholar” and chair professor in Guangzhou Medical university, collaborating in crucial scientific research with State Key Laboratory of Respiratory Disease.