Professor James Chen, Member of National Academy of Sciences USA gives lecture at GMU
Date: 2017-11-15


Professor James Chen , member of the National Academy of Sciences USA gave a lecture entitled Enemy Within: Innate immune sensing and signaling of cytosolic DNA through the cGAS-STING pathwayat Guangzhou Medical University’s Panyu Campus on the morning of November 13th. The lecture was hosted by the Sino-French Hoffmann Institute (SFHI) and presided by Prof. Peng Tao. GMU’s Vice President, Liu Jinbao, Honorary Director, Prof. Jules Hoffmann, Prof. Dominique Ferrandon, Prof. Jiao Renjie along with over 400 faculty and students attended the lecture.
To start, Prof. Jules Hoffmann gave a brief introduction of Prof. James Chen’s research areas and his achievements. Then Prof. James Chen elaborated on how his lab discovered that the cytosolic DNA played a vital role in innate immunity through cGAS-STING pathway. They carried out an in-depth exploration on its mechanism. The discovery has indicated promising application results on inflammation, innate immunity, tumors and many other diseases; as well as vaccine development and even anti-ageing.
President Wang Xinhua, met with Prof. James Chen and the Research Team of Prof. Jules Hoffmann in the afternoon to discuss the scientific research, the development of the research team and the management of SFHI.



Professor James Chen giving his lecture

Prof. Jules Hoffmann presenting a gift to Prof. James Chen

President Wang Xinhua meeting with the Research Team of Prof. Jules Hoffmann