2018 Sino-Dutch Biomedical Science Forum held in GMU
Date: 2018-11-26
As part of the academic activities of the 60th anniversary of Guangzhou Medical University (GMU), GMU and Radboud University of the Netherlands jointly organized the Sino-Dutch Forum on Biomedical Sciences on November 11.   

President Xinhua Wang
On behalf of GMU, President Xinhua Wang welcomed the experts and introduced the cooperation between the two universities. The two universities signed the MOU in March 2018 and started to cooperate in teacher-student exchanges, scientific research, and innovation. Radboud University has strong advantages in neuroscience, immunology, stomatology, 3D printing, and other fields. It is hoped that experts from the two universities will cooperate much more closely in relevant fields, and further promote joint training of doctoral students. 

 The two universities signed the MOU
Paul Smith, vice president of Radboud University, congratulated on the 60th anniversary of GMU through video, saying that Professor Nico Creugers, chair of the Department of Oral Function and Prosthetic Dentistry, had built a bridge of cooperation between the two universities. He believes that cooperation will have an impact on health care, exchanging critical thinking, and enhancing the effectiveness of scientific research output. Both sides share the same ambition of scientific research and innovation and look forward to further cooperation in education and teaching.
Professor Guillen Fernandez, head of Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Medical Center of Radboud University (Academician of Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences), Professor Liao Weiping, Director of the Institute of Neuroscience of GMU, Professor Leo A.B. Joosten, Director of Research Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, Medical Center of Radboud University, Professor Wang Xinhua, President of GMU, and Professor Dominique Ferrandon from Sino-French Hoffmann Institute made academic reports on  Neuroscience Research at Radboud University Medical Center evaluation of the Pathogenic potential of genes and pathogenicity of genetic variants, Molecular mechanisms of Trained Immunity, Clinical Trials of Artemisinin in Prevention and Treatment of Malaria, and Novel directions in Understanding Antimicrobial Host Defenses in the Genetic Model Organism Drosophila Melanogaster respectively. 
Professor Guillen Fernandez, head of Department of Cognitive Neuroscience, Medical Center of Radboud University
Professor Wang Jian, Director of Scientific Research Department of GMU, and Dr. Zhang Qian, Department of Oral Function and Prosthetic Dentistry of Radboud University, presided over the second unit of the forum: stomatology, 3D printing.           
Professor Nico Creugers, Professor Yang Xuechao from School of Stomatology of GMU, Thomas Maal, Director of the Radboudumc 3D Lab, and Professor Yang Fanwen from School of Basic Medical Sciences of GMU, respectively, gave lectures entitled “Does Dental Status Effect Nutritional Status and New strategy for Endodontic disease treatment assisted by 3D printing technology” and “3D Technology in Healthcare: a bright future and Preparation and Application of 3D Printing of Individualized Medical Devices.”