Opening Ceremony for Class 2019 International Students Held
Date: 2019-11-25

On November 25th, the Opening Ceremony for Class 2019 International Students was held in the Academic Lecture Hall of the Panyu Campus.

President Wang Xinhua attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Other attendees included heads of Dean’s Office, Student Affairs’ Office, Youth League Committee, School of Basic Science, as well as all the 2019 international students and senior international students of Panyu campus.
The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Lu Jiachun, Dean of School of International Education. 

On behalf of Class 2019, Wambra Nancy Nchagwa Audax from Tanzania, gave a speech. She spoke about her reason as to why she chose clinical medicine and that she would strive to seize opportunities and cherish the learning time in school and work hard to realize her medical dream. On behalf of the Undergraduate students Roo Perera gave a speech, she warmly welcomed the new students and stated that GMU is the second home for the international students. She also encouraged the students to adapt to the environment as soon as possible, clarify their learning objectives, actively participate in activities and start a new journey in GMU. On behalf of the Graduate students, Ram Ishwar Yadav spoke and shared his professional learning and scientific research experience in both Chinese and English. Furthermore, he encouraged the younger students to learn the professional skills and develop scientific research thinking and ability.

Next to speak was Professor Du Baoling, a teacher representing the Medical Basic College. She welcomed the new students, and from the perspective of ‘gentlemen being cautious and independent’, she described how medical students should be self-disciplined and should always have a thirst for knowledge. 

Finally, President Wang Xinhua extended his heartiest congratulations and welcome to the 2019 International Students. He briefly introduced the general statistics of the School of Education of the international students in recent years and said that the school would do its best to always maintain an interactive and harmonious learning and living environment for students from all aspects. He gave two very important pieces of advice to the freshman: Firstly, to learn the Chinese language well and to embrace the Chinese culture with a full heart; Secondly, to make full use of the high quality teaching and research facilities of the university and to keep improving one’s professional knowledge. 

It is hoped that these students can become practitioners of language and cultural learning, leaders of the medical professional learning and envoys of cross-cultural communication in their educational journey at Guangzhou Medical University.

After the ceremony, the teachers and students took a group photo.