School of General Practice & Continuing Education
Date: 2016-04-28
The School of General Practice and Continuing Education of Guangzhou Medical University (SGPCE)offers a diverse further education for professional and academic advancement, which includes degree education, general practice training and non-degree training.

SGPCE provides Top-up Degree and Associate Degree training. Top-up Degree programmes(3 years) include Clinical Medicine (General Practice), Nursing(Administration), Medical Laboratories, Medical Imaging, Dentistry, Applied Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rehabilitation Sciences. Associate Degree programmes include: Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Midwifery, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Technology, Rehabilitation Technology, and Dentistry. It is currently home to 20,000 students.
SGPCE is responsible for the planning, coordination and administrative affairs of Guangdong Provincial Training Centre for General Practice, which include provincial training base construction, teacher training, textbook design, test pool, training quality control, examination and certification. The School has provided professional training for 6,200 general practice educators, on-the-job training for over 48,000 general practitioners and nurses and job-transfer training for over 900 Gps. The School took the initiative to launch pilot programme of “5+3” General Practitioner Standard Training. One hundred and sixty seven General Practitioners benefited from the programme, which sheds light on the development of General Practitioner System in China. The School has set up 28 theory training bases, 260 clinical training bases, and 380 community training bases fro general practice.

 With regards to non-degree training, SGPCE offers postgraduate diploma courses, professional training courses and national qualification training of healthcare professions such as health management accelerator, nutritionists, psychologists, counselors, medical ambulance crew members, pharmaceutical salesperson, beauticians, masseurs, living assistants and sales engineer.

Launch Ceremony for 2013 Guangdong Provincial Training Programme for General Practitioners