School of Stomatology
Date: 2016-04-28
Department of Dentistry was founded in 2004, which was renamed as School of Stomatology in 2012. Based on Dentistry Hospital of GMU, the School integrates resources of GMU and other affiliated hospitals. Currently, the School is a higher education institution combining teaching, research and clinical work.

School of Stomatology has a strong, well-structured, all-rounded and dedicated faculty. There are 21 professors, 26 associate professors, etc. Among them, 15 members hold doctoral degree, 36 members hold master degree. School of Stomatology promotes diversified learning methods, such as English Teaching, Problem Based Learning (PBL), Web-based Problem Based Learning (WPBL), studying abroad and international collaboration. For undergraduate level, School of Stomatology carries out tutor-system, under which students are provided guidance on values, research, expertise and hobbies.
School of Stomatology is equipped with Central Lab、Multi-Media Lab for Students and Prosthodontics Lab, which covers 2,300 square metres. The main research area of Central laboratory is oral bio-medicine, covering various fields of oral cavity, with cells cultivation room, microbial room, molecular genetic room, electron microscopy room, and many other advanced instruments and equipment. Central Lab undertakes research projects at national and provincial levels.
The dental clinical simulation system and evaluation system in the Multi-Media Lab for Students and Prosthodontics Lab have attained top level in China. There are 80 sets of head model for diagnosis, over 100 types of teaching models with over 500 pieces. The School has 13 teaching bases in directly affiliated hospitals and non-directly affiliated hospitals. School of Stomatology is with 309 dental chairs, 163 patient beds, receiving 35,000 consultations per month, which has a leading role in diagnosis and treatment for dental illness in China.
Based on quality teaching and research platform, School of Stomatology promotes PI (Principal Investigator) system for scientific research. That is, programme leader as a key figure for team building, selecting experienced, capable researchers as PI based on merit. Currently, School of Stomatology has shown sound development in scientific research. School of Stomatology has won 50 scientific awards at all levels, published hundreds of academic papers. Among them, numerous papers are collected by SCI or key journals. School of Stomatology has edited over 10 textbooks and monographs. School of Stomatology has been holding various academic meetings at national and provincial levels these years ( over 20 meetings in total).
School of Stomatology has established extensive cooperation links with universities and colleges home and abroad to provide better platform for training, collaboration and exchange. It has built up partnership with Yonsei University in Korea, Radboud University Nijmegn in Netherlands, South Carolina State University in US, University of Hong Kong and beyond.

Signing Ceremony between Radboud University Nijmegn andSchool of Stomatology

Signing Ceremony between Yonsei University and School of Stomatology

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