School of Health Management
Date: 2016-04-18

School of Health Management(SHM) is originated from School of Social Sciences which was founded in 2001. SHM is comprised of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department,Research Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences, Guangdong Medical Ethics Research Centre. SHM is staffed with 58 members, among them, 48 are teaching staff (7 professors, 23 associate professors), 10 are administrators. Ninety-five percent of the staff holds master degrees or above and 14 are qualified to supervise master’s degree students. In recent years, faculty members have won one national teaching award, four provincial teaching awards, and ten municipal teaching awards.

Up till now, Department of Public Utilities Management, Department of Applied Psychology and Marketing Department have carried out “2+2” cooperative programmes with California State University Northridge and Massey University in New Zealand respectively. Moreover, department of law have been developing collaborative relations with institutions of higher learning Macau and beyond. SHM is to launch a “1+1” postgraduate training programme for Social Medicine and Health Administration with University of Birmingham.

Health Administration 2+2 Programme with California State University, Northridge