International Collaboration
Date: 2015-05-26

GMU is a university with global vision which attaches importance to international collaborations and exchanges. International Office is responsible for promoting international collaborations and exchanges and implementing international strategies. In recent years, it has carried out cooperative education and academic exchanges with many research institutes and institutions of higher learning all over the world.

Global Partnership





University of Edinburgh

Joint Respiratory Disease PhD. Programme
Joint 5+2 GP Master Programme Guangzhou – Edinburgh Medical Forum

University of Strasbourg

Sino-French Hoffmann Institute
Joint Ph.D Students Training Programme

University of Birmingham

General Practice Supervisors Training Programme

University of Wolverhampton

2+2+1Undergraduate Programme(Preventitive Medicine)
2+2 Undergraduate Programme( Biotechnology)

University of Western Brittany

Research Cooperation(Oncology)


University of Toronto

Staff and Student Exchange Programme
Sino-Canadian Joint Research Insitute of Respiratory Disease

California State University,

2+2 Undergraduate Programme(Health Administration)

Harvard Medical School

Staff Exchange Programme
Harvard MGH-GMU Neuromedicine cooperational Research Cencer

San Francisco State University

2+2 Undergraduate Programme(Psychology)
Teachers Training Programme

Arkansas State University

2+3 Undergraduate Programme (Nursing)

Columbia University

Teachers Exchange Programme

Maryland University

Teachers Training Programme

University of South Carolina

Joint Ph.D program
Research cooperation

Johns Hopkins University

Graduate Students Training Programme
Research Cooperation


Yonsei University College of Dentistry

Staff and Student Exchange Programme

National  University of Singapore

Teachers Training Programme

Hong Kong University

Staff and Student Exchange Programme

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Staff and Student Exchange Programme(Public health and Nursing)
Research Cooperation (Public Health)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Staff Exchange Programme (Nursing and Rehabilitation)

Taiwan University

Medical Education Research

Chung Shan Medical University

Staff and Student Exchange Programme( Rehabilitation)
Joint Graduate student Training Programme( Rehabilitation and Medical Image)
 Summer Camp

I-Shou University

Student Exchange Programme(Biomedical Engineering

Kiang Wu Nursing College of Macau

Staff and Student Exchange Programme(Nursing)

City University of Macau

Staff and Student Exchange Programme


University of Queensland

Staff and Student Exchange Programme(Biostatistics and Pharmacy, To be Confirmed)

Queensland University of Technology

2+2 Undergraduate Programme( Nursing)
Summer Study Tour

Massey University

2+2 Undergraduate Programme(Marketing)




Contact International Office:

Tel: 86-02-37103045


MOU Signing Ceremony with The University of Edinburgh (2009)

MOU Signing Ceremony with California State University, Northridge(2011,2013)

MOU Signing Ceremony with The University of Hong Kong (2011)

MOU Signing Ceremony with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2009)

MOU Signing Ceremony with Taiwan Chung Shan University (2010)

2010 Guangzhou –Edinburgh Medical Education Forum  (Guangzhou )

2013 Guangzhou –Edinburgh Medical Education Forum (Edinburgh)

2013 Guangzhou Education Forum  (Guangzhou)

Opening Ceremony of Sino-French Hoffmann Institute (2013)